Explore life, faith, and meaning together.

Why Alpha?

Alpha re-imagines how the Church shares life, faith and Jesus. Alpha helps create a space for encounter, a culture of invitation, and a discipleship and leadership pipeline.

Your friends, family and neighbours are looking for hope, peace, love and joy. No matter where your loved ones are on their spiritual journey, we can guess that they are probably hoping life after COVID will bring a sense of happiness, health, and reconnection.


We offer Alpha at WCC as a way to help people encounter love and community.


What better gift could you give to a family member, friend or loved one than an invitation for them to begin or restore a relationship with Jesus?

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a place to explore the Christian faith with others. Each session has time for connection, a talk, and space to discuss and ask questions.

It is designed for people without a church background or who wouldn’t call themselves a Christian.

It’s an opportunity to invite your friends to hear the gospel and explore a relationship with Jesus. You can even attend with them!

When is Alpha?

We are still determining when our next Alpha course will run. Stay tuned for more details. Once a session is establish Alpha will run weekly in the evening from 7pm to 8:30pm.

How to get involved?


Start praying about who God may be calling you to invite. And then invite them! 80% of guests who come to Alpha attend because of a personal invitation. Consider asking in person, sharing about Alpha on social media, sending an email invitation, or sending your friends and family a simple text. Your friends and family can sign up at


One of our greatest needs is to have people praying for the event and for the people who will attend. If you are interested in volunteering in other ways please email Pastor Randall.(


Pray for three friends you would like to invite to Alpha or to church. Pray for the group leaders. Pray each evening when the Alpha course is running.


Attend with the friends and family you invite and continue the conversations with them outside of the Alpha course.

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