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Allie & Friends

Watch episodes full of laughter, biblical truth, and valuable life lessons.

Fun for the whole family

Come join Allie and her friends as they learn, grow, dance, sing, exercise, and have fun together all while exploring their faith and discovering more about God. Each episode is packed with laughter, biblical truth, and valuable life lessons.

Below you will find a list of every series created and a description of what the series is apart of.

Check out the list below to discover what adventure you want to start with first. Once you click on the series, you will see the individual episodes within each topic. Most episodes are part of a greater series but can still be watched alone. If you want a greater understanding of the topic then we recommend watching the other episodes in the series.

We hope you enjoy these videos. We are passionate about helping kids follow Jesus and we hope these videos help to do that as they teach the kids in your life and spark deep and life giving conversations between you and them! 

So what are we waiting for, let’s go learn, laugh, and have some fun! Pick your starting episode today!

To access our full playlist of all Allie & Friends episodes, just click the button below.