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Over the past few years we have created and collected some fun and encouraging resources! Check out the links below for goofy Youth Skillz Sets, encouragement from Pastor James, playlists for all your music needs, suggestions of youtube accounts to check out and much more!

Stay Connected

Do you use social media? Check out our youth YouTube channel and Instagram Accounts. You won't want to miss what's happening there.

Youth Skillz Set

Youth Skillz Set Episode 3
Youth Skillz Set Episode 2
Yout Skillz Set - Episode 1
Devon Von Beethoven
Baking with Babic
Dude Perfect and Quarentine Stereotypes

Tips on Prayer - 6 part series

Prayer tip 1
Prayer Tip 2
Tips on Prayer # 3
Tips on Prayer # 4

Devotional series

Facing the Giants
Devotion on Jonah

Youtube Channels

Dude Perfect - Building a Boat
GT Pond Race

Overflow Retreat Videos

Hey there youth and parents. So we had an amazing weekend at Overflow 2018. There were 18 youth and 7 leaders that took part and God definitely showed up. I just wanted to share some of the videos from the general sessions so that youth can watch them again, or parents can see and hear what their children experienced this weekend.

Other Media

Youth will be putting together playlists of the best up and coming artists that we will be uploading and linking to this page. This will be a great place to check out new Christian artists.

If you have a playlist you would like to see listed here please email it to James.

Bible Verses

If you are struggling with something such as loneliness or anger we have some lists of scriptures that you can read and pray through.