Brookelynn Gerber | Creative Director

Brookelynn is our Creative Director at Wilmot Centre Church. Brookelynn has attended WCC since she was 8 years old and joined staff officially in September 2020. She is responsible for all things creative, and is passionate about using technology and creative avenues to share the Gospel and create opportunities for ministry and building connections within our church family and greater community. She helps with our website, sermon series, social media channels, promotional materials, recap videos, email communication, and more. Brookelynn, along with our creative team, helps to brainstorm creative ways to engage WCC in various seasons and series. She desires to see people connected and engaged, through media, creative outlets, and technology, in order to connect with God and each other.

When Brookelynn is not developing a web page, writing an email, editing a video, or managing WCC’s social media ministry, she enjoys reading, walking with her family’s dog Macy, and spending time with her family.

Contact Information:

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